Total DIY: Decorative Fringe Garland

As we are gearing up for our studio sample sale, it became obvious we had to have a cute garland strung across the studio to play up our summer theme. The creative juices began to flow and 30 minutes later we had put together an adorable DIY fringe garland with materials we found lying around the studio. It was so easy that we just had to share this total DIY garland with you!

Most will argue you can find similar decorative garland in party stores or online.

But this version is easier when you are in a bind, it’s fun, and it’s quick! You probably also have the materials already on hand. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Dyed coffee filters (dye using food coloring and water)
  • string
  • scissors

We used different shades of blue and green dyed filters for a layered tassel look.

First, layer 3 filters on top of each other and smooth out flat. Then fold the stack in half and have your scissors ready.


Cut along the curved edge of the folded filter stack. Make your cuts vary in width from one fringe piece to the next and 1.5″ in length (or 2″ for longer fringe).

Unfold the stack and lay it out flat. Pinch the middle of the filter stack to form a cone shape. Hold the point of the cone and fluff the fringe.

Grab your string and wrap the tip of the cone (six times worked best for us). Tie the ends in a knot.

Make as many tassels as you need for the length of the garland. Use the ends of the string on the tassels to tie on to your garland.

We left our knots loose so we could slide and adjust the tassels to be evenly spaced. Then, tighten the ends of your knots to secure. Fluff the fringe and pull apart pieces if any are stuck together. And finally…


…hang your finished product. The garland added an instant update to our studio space and we can’t wait to host guests during our studio sample sale thanks to this total DIY!






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