Summer Gold

Summertime is in full swing and so are all the summer trends. We keep seeing a color trend and we gotta be honest. We. Love. It! Let us introduce you to your new color obsession: summer gold.

I used to be scared of this hue. It is bright and bold and if you’ve got blonde hair like me, you may tend to stay away from shades like this. But after one moment of curiosity during a quick shopping spree I discovered it is my perfect summer color. And it can be yours too, no matter your coloring.

Any article of clothing in summer gold is a statement piece itself, but to really play it up (or break it down if it seems too bold for your taste) add a pop of complimentary color. Think turquoise, white, pink, and neutral jewelry or accessories.

I mean really, there isn’t much summer gold doesn’t go with. It’s chic with denim, preppy with brown, bold with black, and killer when paired with turquoise or aqua blue hues.

Next time you find yourself searching for new summer staples, seek out a flirty top, shift dress, or transitional sandals in summer gold. It’s a color everyone can wear and we love it!





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