6 Styles, 1 Necklace: Santa Fe Wrap

Santa Fe Wrap is probably one of our best sellers for our necklaces. It comes in multiple colors such as white, turquoise and howlite. They are super easy to pair with any outfit, not because of the colors but the multiple styles that the necklace offers so naturally, WE LOVE IT. We are going to show you 6 different combinations you can wear the necklace and what kind of outfits to pair it with!




This style is a great way to show off the whole piece but also create texture on your shirt or top half of your outfit. To layer simply make sure the hoop is at the front and centered on your chest, place the remainder of the necklace around your neck and move it to the opposite side of your neck.

How to wear it: I would pair it with flowy shorts and a casual t-shirt and have the focal point be the necklace. I would wear basic and simple gold studs.

  Long Choker

This style is a great way to combine the choker style with the classic look. This look is very similar to the classic but adjusting the necklace to have the circle tight against your neck changes the piece.

How to wear it: My favorite outfit is pairing this with an off the casual button down shirt and with blue jeans or long skirt and my favorite wedges.  I would wear thin gold bracelets and small gold hoops.


To create this look make each side of the necklace equal and then simply knot it in the middle.  You can knot the necklace either in the middle of your chest or higher up. This piece is a great way to layer with your smaller necklaces to create more texture.

How to wear it: I would wear this piece with a high neckline shirt and jeans paired with ballet flats and a nice creme sweater. Perfect day out for running errands, working from home or going to church all while looking cute!

Wrapped Choker

This piece has the ability to highlight your neck very nicely. In addition, the choker trend is huge right now and it’s a great way to add a little modification to it.  

How to wear it: I would wear this with a shirt to show off your neckline like an off the shoulder top. On the bottom, I would wear ripped jeans paired with a chunky heel. I consider this to be a dressier style and worn going to grab drinks with friends.


Circle Me Through

This style is another great way to create a casual look or a dressier look. To create that style make sure to grab both strands of the necklace and lace it through the circle piece. Since the necklace is a very skinny style I would layer clothing around it to emphasize the necklace.

How to wear it: I love pairing this style with a leather jacket and plain white shirt. You can spice up the outfit by adding a fun bottom such as a suede or jean skirt. 

Running Circles

This style is different because it fits more to the center of your chest. Sometimes I wrap the end of the strands together if the necklace is too long depending on my outfit.

How to wear it: I would pair this with a casual summer day outfit. I would wear a simple tank top with a wrap skirt and cute sandals. I would add a sunhat just for fun too! 

Now, these are all suggestions on how to wear the necklace but ultimately you can create how to wear this piece. We would love to hear your favorite style or a new style you created. So shout out to us on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Pinterest, we would love to hear from y’all.

Check out our cute little video of how to wear it all: Santa Fe Wrap Video





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