Monday Morning Hacks: 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Comfy-Cute Outfit

When the Monday morning blues are in full swing, the temptation to wear that one comfy-cute outfit, the one you save for Monday mornings like this, is irresistible. But nothing is worse than feeling like you aren’t dressed up enough for the day.  When you don’t feel dressed for success, there are ways to dress up your Monday. Here are our top 5.

1. Wear your boldest statement necklace

Pick a necklace that contrasts in color with your shirt. This makes the necklace the focal point and adds a “wow” factor to a plain t-shirt.

2. To tuck…or knot? (;

Another easy way to add something extra to an otherwise low-key top is to tuck or knot it. You can tuck the front to one side, tuck in the whole shirt, or add a knot to the side or in the middle of your body.

3. Mix in colorful hoops or glam studs

The quickest way to dress up a simple outfit is to add hoops or glam studs. The hoops add colorful style that parallels the minimal goals of of a comfy-cute outfit while glam studs take the outfit up a notch with sparkle.  

4. Throw on your trendiest sneakers

A current trend everyone seems to love is slip-on shoes. They are stylish and make a statement when paired with a casual dress or jeans and tee combo.

5.  Roll your t-shirt sleeves

You can instantly up the style of a t-shirt by rolling the sleeves a few times to clean up your look.


A Monday morning hack has never looked so good!




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