Fall 2017 Collection Debut: Our Favorite Pieces, Styled

With hues of green, metallics, gemstones, and bold designs, you can't go wrong with adding any of these pieces to your fall wardrobe. But, we've picked a few of our best sellers so far to highlight and style. Take a peek into EJ's closet and see how we would wear these new jewels! 


Boozy Summer Popsicles

Last week EJ hosted the long-anticipated summer studio sample sale. We went all out for the event and even threw together some boozy popsicles as a treat for our shoppers. We received so many requests for the recipes that we knew we had to share them with the world, along with some tips and tricks to make them a success. Next time you need a frozen summer treat that packs a load of fun, turn to these boozy summer popsicle recipes!

Total DIY: Decorative Fringe Garland

This garland added an instant update to our studio space and we can't wait to host guests during our studio sample sale. We used materials we found lying around the studio. It was so easy that we just had to share this total DIY garland with you! 

Summer Cucumber Salad

One memory that comes to mind when I reminisce on my childhood summer days is the taste of my dad’s fresh, cold cucumber salad. This cold cucumber salad will always be my fresh, go-to recipe during the heat of the summer. It's a refreshing snack and is a great zingy, flavorful side dish to add to any meal!

Summer Gold

Summertime is in full swing and so are all the summer trends. We keep seeing a color trend and we gotta be honest. We. Love. It! Let us introduce you to your new color obsession: summer gold.

What’s in Your Purse?

Our first ever mini-series blog is starting right here. We are asking the tough, dreaded, awe-inspiring, often unknown question for the sake that you know all of us a little more....personally. Kristen, what’s in your purse?

Monday Morning Hacks: 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Comfy-Cute Outfit

When the Monday morning blues are in full swing, the temptation to wear that one comfy-cute outfit, the one you save for Monday mornings like this, is irresistible. But nothing is worse than feeling like you aren’t dressed up enough for the day.  When you don’t feel dressed for success, there are ways to dress up your Monday. Here are our top 5.

Welcome to Daily Joy

Congratulations, you are reading Everlasting Joy’s first ever blog post and we are so excited to have you!  We hope for y’all to read and find joy in relevant topics, useful tips, and new discoveries that we encounter in our daily lives, hence why we chose the name Daily Joy. But first and foremost let … Continue reading Welcome to Daily Joy